Homan Square on Chicago’s West Side is allegedly a place where suspects are being taken to be kept out of booking databases and are not allowed to contact legal representation, raising constitutional rights issues

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According to several reports, the Chicago Police Department has been allegedly using a one of its buildings as a secret interrogation facility, with arrestees claiming that they were detained for at least 24 hours without being legally booked, charged, or even read their Miranda rights.

The Chicago PD are being accused of operating an open secret interrogation compound, where American citizens are subjected to conditions almost identical to that of a CIA “black site”, where detainees are not permitted to contact anyone and their location is unknown to anyone. The difference is these are suspects of crimes and their detainers are reportedly not allowing them basic constitutional rights.


Homan Square has long been known to be the site of secretive police work by special units on Chicago’s West Side. The police claim that the site isn’t a secret, even though several lawyers who were questioned about the facility had never heard of the facility before their clients were taken there and almost all reported that they were denied access to their clients. Because of it’s tenure in the predominately Black and Latino neighborhood, it is wondered if this has been an ongoing issue that has mainly been under the radar until the arrests of the NATO 3 demonstrators who were reportedly detained there unjustly in 2012.

As of today, two senior U.S. Justice officials have asked their colleagues to investigate the alleged black site on Chicago’s West Side.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)