Ricardo Seco presented his menswear presentation at The New Museum on Tuesday, February 17.

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The backdrop was perfect. As the room filled up in anticipation of the presentation, the city skyline shined brightly. Before the models appeared, several women stood in front of the windows donning Seco tees, displaying the Seco New Balance collaborations sneakers. In rich colors and geometric patterns, they were perfect for those who are bored with the white sneaker trend from last fall. It was interesting to see how the sneakers were presented. As the models made their way to the front barefoot, the women then helped each model get into a pair of sneakers. Against the black and white color palate of the collection, the New Balance sneakers stood out. The collection reflected the designs seen on the footwear. There was a black and white geometric design coat and a black and white t-shirt that had the same pattern but enlarged. Another model wore a black laser cut sweatshirt with a black quilted bomber jacket and superbly tailored pants. The white beading was seen repeated on the sleeves of a black leather jacket and on the chest of a three quarter sweatshirt. In midst of the geometric beading designs, there were simpler pieces with superb tailoring that allowed the coats and sweatshirts to fall effortlessly on the models. The coat lengths were kept long usually around the knee or lower and were shown with thick black belts. While the New Balances tempted the eye and offered excitement, the collection itself was cool and collected and gave a sense of effortless confidence. The men in the crowd were definitely excited; a gentleman in a tailored navy suit exclaimed, “I would wear it all” before he left.

-Simran Pabla