Quincy talks new film, music and more.

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You recently did a film called Brotherly Love.

Quincy:            Yeah, this film is definitely I think going to be a film that’s very, very, very influential to the generation. It just deals with kids who live in rough times, and are dealing with decisions that has to be made … that really effect your future. When you have a superstar basketball player getting ready to go to the league, then you have an older brother who’s a drug dealer … and he reps for the hood, it’s kind of hard, being that family, because you have such a diverse family and all kinds of happenings of the hood. Like I said, you got the drug dealer, you got the superstar, you got the smart, genius girl. Then, I come in the picture and I fall in love with … Kiki’s character, and a lot of things happen that really take you for a huge ride, and I’m not even saying that trying to sound like a critic, but my character is very lovable, he’s very, very kind, you definitely will fall in love with him. A lot of times when you’re speaking and you’re in these situations with, especially a loved one, you catch these feelings. Then, I ended up falling in love with her and that took me for a whole other loop. I’m going to leave it at that.


You have a new project out, you just dropped a video. Talk about your music and what you have coming out with that?

Quincy:            Yeah, I just dropped a single last month with French Montana called “Friends First,” which is a song about me really wanting to be friends with a girl. Every single time in a situation dealing with a female, it’s not all about getting in her drawers asap. There’s some interesting people out there, and you got to give them the opportunity to show you who they are, and I like to do that with people. I believe a good way to translate it is in a song.

Tell us about working with French Montana. 

Quincy:           French Montana is one of the hottest cats out right now. Everything else is pretty much close in a way. I’m not signed, so I’m able to really gauge my fans   … and see who’s watching and who’s listening and what they’re saying. Hopin’ for a new single to drop next month, with another artist, and a full project maybe can be within the next three months maybe, depending on, like I said I’m gauging everybody.

You’re not signed, so are there any labels that would be perfect for you?

Quincy:            Of course I’m taking meetings and doing the proper things that will set me to be in the position I want to be in when it’s time. It’s all about timing. I’m not quick to jump to nothing, I have a great family backing behind me, who’s … looking out for my best interests, whether it’s musically, theatrically, or on the business side, life advice, whatever it is. Just like that everything’s translating with the music, so I’m taking it day by day.

Speaking of your family, your mom, Mrs. Kim Porter, has a brand new show, The 90’s: We Invented This on REVOLT TV. Talk about your family dynamic and how proud you are of your mom, and her new show.

Quincy:            Yes … My Mama, she’s been so creative for as long as I can remember, obviously she always used to give me my ideas with things, and no matter what it is, she always has that special, unique side to her that sets her apart from everybody else that’s very different. She comes from a Southern raised family. It’s not just, you’re regular Southern raised; it was Columbus, Georgia, to be exact. She dives into a lot of things. She still models. She did 20 years ago, she does still now, she still acts. She’s developing shows and producing and doing a lot of that. All in all, I’m just proud of her. I’m glad we’re a creative family. I can always help her out and she can help me out. It’s fun. That’s how we’re going to live life until the end.

Speak about your friendship with O’Neal McKnight.

Quincy:            Oh gosh. I think O’Neil has known me since I was born. It had to be. Yeah, him just being around the family and doing what he does best. Stay blessed, that’s him. He’s watched me grow, so I’m excited to actually see him and something from him on television. I always see him behind the scenes, whether he’s dancing, whether he’s styling somebody, whatever it is, now he’s branched off into television. I think it’s a great kind of situation for him. It’s something I think he can go on season after season after season.

I know that you are good friends with Amber Rose, who has been all up in through the media these last couple of days. She did speak about you on “The Breakfast Club.”

Quincy:            That’s my baby!

What do you think about what’s going on with her and the Kim and the Kanye feud right now? What can you say about that?

Quincy:            At the end of the day, people are going to be opinionated when they want to be, and luckily, as Americans, we have the right to do that at any time, any place we want. Whether it’s backlash, and things come after that, that’s what you have to be ready for.

She’s giving her opinion.

Quincy:            Yeah, she’s giving her opinion, and it’s not a fight, with a winner loser kind of thing. When people say their opinions and other people disagree, then it becomes a little verbal argument, or a Twitter argument, or however it is.

It’s entertainment. 

Quincy:            At the end of the day, people are going to continue to live life, and obviously no one’s going to let anyone else affect the way they live life, or stop making their money, or stop moving, nothing like that. I’m just glad I’m neutral, I’m cool with everybody.

How can folks check you out if they don’t know how to get in touch with you already?

Quincy:            Anything @Quincy, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all that.