Twin sisters, Tata Naka, re-revolutionize luxury in their AW 2015 collection inspired by the genre of murder mystery.

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The presentation, offered in the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts, displayed an exhibition like no other, playing along with comedic mystery theme of the 1930’s whilst incorporating oriental influence that made for an exploration of curiosities and discovery.



Sipping to poison opium cocktails and listening to mixtape soundtracks of Western and Eastern, like Cole Porter and Traditional Chinese ballad, models meandered in a setup of a mystery novel detailed with dark shadows and chalk body outlines. The collection featured a number of fabrics inspired by Chinese tea dress and detective silhouettes that made for a vibrant yet chic layered palette, some notable materials included silk velvet and patterned wool, all seamlessly put together by Tata Naka’s signature bonded neoprene that appeared in bold pastels and warm plums.


Highlights included golden revolver and sword jumpers paired with long color-block skirts, finished with metallic oxfords and gold pumps. This ultra luxe Cluedo-esque range of pieces allow for endless possibilities and styles ranging from night-out to cocktail, combining vintage and modern aesthetic into a playful and sophisticated collection. The show was presented by Fiji Water.

-Tristen Yang