Last night was a bittersweet one for Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook, who has burst into the MVP conversation with historic play in the month of February, as he continues to carry his team on his back in the absences of the Batman to his Robin, reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant. Despite beginning the game 0-8 from the field, Westbrook stormed back, and finished with a triple double–including 39 points on 38 shots–and just nearly missed a last second lay-up in overtime, which would’ve tied what was a contentious game, thanks to brilliant play from Phoenix Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe, who remained toe-to-toe with Westbrook until the final buzzer.

Before overtime, however, Westbrook got some much needed rest, and he dapped just about everyone on the bench on the way to his seat. Except Kevin Durant. Durant held his hand out, and after Westbrook blew past him, continued to hold it out, almost as if he believed that if he didn’t make it obvious that he was taking his hand back, no one would notice what just happened. Thankfully, Andre Roberson–who also swung and missed at a Westbrook handshake–was there to clean up the mess, and connected with Durant’s hand before things got even more awkward.

The funny part about all of this is, remember that time Westbrook looked as if he was ready to tear Jeremy Lamb‘s head off after Lamb missed Westbrook’s outstretched hand during a timeout? What happens during Thunder timeouts is the stuff of HBO documentaries.