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Nutso sets 2015 off to a good start with the latest release of his album, Divided Soul, produced entirely by none other than Divided Souls.  I’ve listened to this project a considerable amount of times since I’ve copped it and I’m sold on it.  I usually stay away from giving my opinion on hip-hop around the first two listens.  Typically, it takes four or five spins for me to formulate my musical evaluation on something new.

The Flushing, Queens emcee spits hard street tales over an array of beats that, although different, still coincide with each other and the concept of this album.  Boom-bap, soul, funk, and grimy beats are my personal preference, so it wasn’t challenging for Nutso and Divided Souls to grasp my attention.  The energy, lyrics, delivery, and flow are all equitably dope and Nut appears to be on top of his game.


My favorite joint is probably “Make it Hot.”  I love this beat all around.  DJ Super Dave killed the cuts with the Biggie vocals, while Nutso simultaneously pays homage to the Brooklyn King.  “Str8 Talk” is bananas and nostalgic.  The production of this song reminds me of Prodigy featuring Noreaga’s “What U Rep,” which is a hood classic.  The first time I heard “Block Boy,”  I wasn’t really digging it as much as the others, but eventually, it grew on me.  Plus, the goons look like they’re having hella fun in the video, and I enjoyed it.  There’s only really one record that I’m slightly iffy about, and that’s “Light it Up.”  I can rock with Nutso’s cadence on this one, but the auto-tune on the hook is throwing me off.  I’ve heard a great deal of music from Dynasty The Prince and feel like that effect wasn’t necessary on this song at all.

So to cap it all off, I’d rate Divided Soul a solid album. The one producer, one emcee project seems to be making a comeback.  I trust Nutso will keep hitting us with more good music in the time coming.

Check out Nutso’s video to “Block Boy”, directed by A1Vision.


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