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Birmingham police are investigating a homicide after a triple shooting left a 14 year old teen dead, and at least two others injured Friday evening

What allegedly started out as a Facebook fight ended in the killing of an Alabama teen. Police have identified the deceased as 14 year old Kierra’onna Rice.


kierra'onna Rice

Police say a group of girls, who were beefing back and forth on Facebook, decided to take their grievances to a Birmingham park. The fight was setup to be videotaped and then posted online, according to CNN affiliate WBRC report. During the fight two Black male suspects, one believed to be Rice’s boyfriend and both between ages 17 and 19, pulled out guns and began shooting at the girls. Witnesses identified the suspects as the shooters and they were taken into custody.

Police responded to a park in the 900 block of Washington Avenue Southwest at 6:15 Friday. Upon arrival they learned that the victim had been taken to Baptist Princeton Medical Center with a life threatening injury. She later died from her injuries at the hospital. Two other victims were taken to UAB Hospital.

The identity of the suspects have not been released, and police are still investigating what really took place in this sad case of a supposed Facebook beef gone all wrong. We got to do better at communicating through social media, and be more resposible to prevent cases like this from happening.

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  • j harris says:

    I just want to point out a piece of information that is wrong in your report and needs to be immediately corrected. One of the shooters was not her boyfriend it was said to be one of the other girls boyfriend. This is tragic enough and now that it is being nationally reported please don’t throw that boy under the bus like that her boyfriend actually tried to stop her from going. Please correct. Not a personal family member this is my ex husband’s folks but the story really saddens me and when u got teens on some positive stuff like her boyfriend don’t put out wrong press. I know you all didn’t know but I read this and had to speak out.

  • j harris says:

    There is some wrong information here the story is tragic enough and you all probably don’t know but one of the boys who were shooting were not her boyfriend her boyfriend actually was trying to stop her from going. He has made a very positive statement on behalf of her and the nonsense of this shooting. So please correct this article being that it’s going national let’s keep the positive in it and the facts right. No this is not a personal family member it us my ex husband’s folks but thus really touches me deeply. Don’t throw that lil boy under the bus please correct. One of the guys who were shooting was believed to be one of the girls she was fighting boyfriend not hers thanks. We gotta get better with this social media beefing and wanting to put fights and all this negative stuff on there. Facebook has been the cause of alot of lives getting taking from violence u got pages like the bham tea that is nothing but mess and loves to entertain negativity they put stuff like this all over this page and it’s sad. And you have so many grown people children etc keeping this going. Instead of posting to a positive page people go to this page to be messy and get a name for they self pitiful but true especially the females, not all but they know who they are. But when a tragedy like this happens where is the tea then. Thanks and I love the source magazine.