Finally, tangible signs of Ye’s new LP have arrived

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Kanye West‘s new album has been teased for the better part of the past 6 months. From his GQ cover, where he first mentioned the single he finally debuted at last week’s BRIT Awards, to the two songs he released in January–“Only One,” “FourFiveSeconds”–we’ve known about the impending 2015 LP, but up until very recently, that’s about as much information as we had. Everything was still very much under wraps, much like Ye’s Yeezus rollout, which was even more exclusive than this one.

Yesterday, on Twitter, Kanye finally revealed the title and artwork of his upcoming album.



So there we have it. It’s definitely Kanye’s most abstract album art ever–unless you consider Yeezus’ lack of album artwork as album artwork, which is an idea worth some ponder–and the image below, which is the 13th century monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary, may provide some clarity.

virgin mary

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