The 46th NAACP Image Awards were broadcast live from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on TV One. 

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Read what stars Tessa Thompson and Teyonah Parris had to say about their film Dear White People being nominated.


You’re in Dear White People and Selma. What does mean to be here?

Tessa Thompson: I’m just so grateful that the NAACP’s put this ceremony together. It’s of course to honor people that might otherwise not be acknowledged in Hollywood. That’s incredible. Both projects came to me and really changed my life, so the fact that they have resonated with people and they’ve meant so much to other people is great. Either way, they were going to be special projects to me.

Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day?

Tessa Thompson: Yes and I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I want to go see Fifty Shades of Grey. I think the marketing has really worked. I’m away in Philadelphia working on a film [Creed] with Michael B. Jordan and I’m working in a film with basically all guys and so trying to convince any of them to come see it with me, I think I might be alone watching that movie on Valentine’s Day.

Tell us a little bit about your music. 

Tessa Thompson: It’s kind of too soon to say, but actually on this project [Creed] that I’m working with with Michael B. Jordan and with Ryan Coogler, who wrote and directed it, I’m actually writing some of the music for it. That’s been very different than Caught A Ghost, the band that I sing in, but it’s been really great to write music for this movie. We’ll see.

NAACPHow does it feel to be nominated?

Teyonah Parris: It feels good. I feel like our movie was the little movie that could. We were supported through crowd funding. Everyone wanted this to happen and everyone was a part of it make sure that it did. It feels so good to actually be standing here, being recognized by our peers and people I actually look up to and have admired for years. It feels really good. I’m very proud of Justin and our cast and producers and everyone involved.

We also love seeing you on Starz? What’s new and what’s next for you?

Teyonah Parris: We start to film in a month, mid March. Season two of Survivor’s Remorse. We’re going back to do that. I just finished a film called Where Children Play, directed by Leila Djansi. I’m really excited about that. That’s what’s happening for me right now.

What else are you looking forward to?

Teyonah Parris: I am going to go on a trip with my dad. We’re going to go spend some quality time together. I just don’t get to see him and my mom because they’re all the way in South Carolina. Like, let’s go have a daddy daughter date. I look forward to that.


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