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Just when you thought graffiti was a man’s game, Queens’ UTAH shows today’s writers how to go international

When most non-writers think of the person that could be tagging up their building or rooftop, the grungy street kid is always the first thought. Well, UTAH dispels all of those prejudices.




As the most recognizable member of Chicago’s MUL(Made U Look) Crew, UTAH has made unprecedented moves as a woman in the world of graf. She has thousands of tags and throw ups around the world alongside her writing partner/boyfriend ETHER. The Queens native made international headlines in 2008 when she was arrested upon arrival at O’Hare International Airport for vandalism in NYC after returning from a European bombing spree. She served six months in 2009 and has returned home to her art in a much more tamed fashion. You can still see her work in cities around the country and the world.

-Sha Be Allah(@kingpenstatus)