Yesterday, Hollywood actress Michelle Rodriguez made headlines with her viewpoint on superheroes in Hollywood. According to TMZ, Michelle thinks, “It’s ridiculous to make things right by making superheros less white….and the problem revolves around the lack of creativity.” Although she issued an apology and attempted to clear any confusion, speaking her mind isn’t unususal for the beautifully opinionated actress.

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Journalist Courtney Brown sat down with the much talked about actress and found out that Michelle is a huge fan of The Source Magazine.

Here’s an excerpt from The Source Magazine Issue #263 with covermen YG, Ty Dolla Sign and DJ Mustard on newsstands now!


(Michelle on women in the industry)

“I think that more women in the industry should stand up from the beginning of their careers and just love each other and stop f*****g hating on each other and competing with each other we need to stick together man!” She offers one last piece of wisdom. “A lot of Americans don’t even consider themselves heroes or would be heroes to millions of people especially in third world countries where women are so suppressed by their cultures— that’s why we have to stick together. Girls are so catty with each other especially in business, it’s so hard. Its like, ‘I don’t want what you got, can we work together on something?” She laughs to herself. “Put down the gun homey.”

Wise words spoken from a gifted woman.

-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)