This edition of Hood Health 101 talks about creating opportunities for yourself

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How many of you right now are sitting in your homes, reading this post, and waiting for your life to happen? Are you just waiting for that opportunity to prove what you can do for a potential employer, or waiting for the perfect conditions to branch out and live your dreams? How many of you are unhappy with your careers and waiting for an opportunity to change it? The last question is the most important question of them all…What are you doing about it?

Opportunities are not things that need to be captured, but rather things that need to be created. Life waits for no one, and that includes you! Life doesn’t care that you may lack confidence, feel bad about yourself, question yourself, or if you’re afraid. Life only goes in the direction with the greatest momentum of energy. So what are you putting your energy into? Do you sit at home and wait for change or opportunity while watching television, or do you research how to make your dreams and goals successful? Do you get on the internet for countless hours of random surfing, or do you sit down to formulate a step by step plan of action, and write it out? If you cannot tell by now, this is about creating your own opportunities, and not idly looking or waiting for life to provide you with them. Nothing that you want is out of your reach. It doesn’t matter how small or how great it is; anything that you want is achievable. This is not to say that your goals and aspirations are achieved overnight; however, it is to say that the world belongs to the one who creates it.

  •       Gratitude

Appreciating every situation gives you the ability to see the beauty in every situation. With acceptance tough situations can be processed, accepted, and accommodated or resolved.