LookLive Can Identify The Exact Outfit Your Favorite Celebs Are Wearing On TV and In Photos


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How many times have you been watching an awards show, your favorite television show, or just perusing your favorite celebrities’ Instagram and wanted to know what exactly they were wearing ? A new website aims to connect you to your most beloved superstar’s style in a unique and innovative way.

LookLive saves you the tediousness of grueling Google searches (that look like “Kanye blue shirt Grammy’s”) that more likely than not will only end in frustration. The site uses artificial intelligence to detail the items that make up the featured celebrity’s outfit piece-by-piece — whether that is Kerry Washington in an episode of ScandalKanye West at the Grammy’s or Jennifer Lopez on Instagram. Not only does LookLive provide users with exact clothing items but also offers similar and bargain items to help them attain the look of the world’s most respected tastemakers.

LookLike also keeps continuity in the forefront of the experience. “Once we cover a TV show, or we cover a celebrity, we’re covering all of their content, not necessarily cherry-picking our favorite images,” CEO Chris Archer told Quartz“If Beyoncé is photographed tomorrow, then we’re covering Beyoncé.”

That’s a pretty weighty commitment to make with only two weeks after its creation, but they’ve reportedly seen 30% of visitors returning on a daily basis — so they’re off to a good start. That’s due to their commitment to covering popular shows like “Modern Family, Scandal, and Empire” and monitoring paparazzi shots as they happen, LookLive is sure to be the next big fashion website in coming years.


Check out LookLive here.


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