N.W.A’s former body guard Joe Fierro also known as “KJ Mustafa” died Sunday in Pleasanton, California at the age of 61.

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Fierro was in the heart of the Compton-based Gangsta Rap’s era as the head of security at N.W.A’s label “Ruthless Records”. LA Weekly reports that Fierro was in charge of protecting the group at the time when the group was constantly in danger. For the group’s first national tour in 1989 after the release of Straight Outta Compton, Fierro gave the group firearm training in case of emergencies. He was also in charge of “smoothing things over with local law enforcement,” who were furious over N.W.A’s “F*** Tha Police.”

According to Fierro, he was shot in the hand during the Seattle show in 1991, when a fan followed the group back to their hotel and started firing at them. Fierro also spoke to the publication about how close him and the late Eazy-E were.


“You didn’t have to want for anything when you worked with Eazy,” Fierro said during an interview with LA Weekly. Taking care of everything from his meals to the birth of his children, Fierro said: “Eazy took care of you, mind, body and soul.”

During the recent years, Fierro has been going through dialysis for his diabetes. He also became homeless within the last year, living in cars and parks. His common-law wife Marvyne Dixon said his death was related to heart problems. Dixon has set up a GoFundMe campagin for supporters who wish to contribute to Fierro’s funeral costs. In addition to his common-law wife, he leaves behind four children.


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)