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A Chicago South Side native, 18 –year-old, Brandon “Lil Breeze” Blackburn always had a love for music.

Growing up in public housing authorities where opportunities are few, he started to write down his rap lyrics. Today, Lil Breeze announced that he is releasing his new single titled, Bussin. The track will drop via the Saleem Music Group Squad’s debut mixtape titled TD2.  According to reps within SMG, the mixtape will be released in mid-April.

The promotional single Bussin brings together Breeze’s raw and energetic delivery meshed with a stylistic bass-filled beat.


Breeze wrote Bussin to chronicle the daily struggles of life. Additionally, his goal was to highlight to his listeners to hustle and work hard to make charted dreams and goals a realistic reality.  “It’s a turn up song,” Lil Breeze tells The Source.

Collaborating with Chicago producer “Gaggie,” the two created a street anthem with anticipation of disturbing the peace.

So what exactly is bussin? Check Out The Single

Bussin has multiple meanings. It can either imply kicking back and having fun. It can also be characterized as simply having a crazy day on the block. Breeze states it plain which definition fits his lifestyle in his lyrics: “Young n***a and I’m known for finessing s**t/I ain’t with the bull***t or shenanigans/why yo b***h keep sending me all these messages/talking s**t we’ll run all up in ya residence…”

The hook in Bussin states: “All I ever wanted was some money/for my family to never want for nothing/them n****s ain’t getting no guap/they ain’t bout nothing/ slide right up on your block and get it bussin”

The rhyme flow exemplifies Lil Breeze’s aggressive flow.

Using rap as an outlet, he began to write and rap about the things he saw in his community. Lil Breeze began to take his music career serious at the age of 15 and never looked back.