As the plot gets thicker every hour on the KarruecheChris Brown discussion, the situation has gotten even bigger on social media. According to reports, Karrueche hinted at the knowledge of Chris’ alleged 9-month old daughter and mother just last week. It’s interesting to see that with everyone voicing their own opinion on the topic, little did we know, Karrueche possibly knew of this way before us.

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The post everyone missed:



screen-shot-2015-03-04-at-8-34-42-amMakes us think: did the media and comments from everyone influence her to end things with Chris?


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)


  • Debbie says:

    Kerruche proberly leaked the story. After the story broke, the next day she was out on the town following the paparazzi around trying to feel like a celebrity. Why didnt she call it quits last week? Why did she asked if we knew Nia. What girlfriend does that? I think Kerruche has a mental problem. Christina Millian is a leach hanging around Kerruche to get free publicity that she gets from Chris Brown. What paparazzi doesnt follow Christina Millian around with her Wack TV show. All of a sudden Kerruche and her are best friends, just as her show was about to air and hanging with Chris Brown and definately Kerruche isnt going to help her Career. If your whack, your whack. These 2 smiling britches gets on my nerve. Also Christina Millian just did a segment on TMZ. Breezy needs to cut those hoes loose. He k owns these hoes so t loyal.

  • blonder says:

    I sure karreuche knew. She just wonted to create drama. No one really care about her nor her career so she just try to stay out there. This woman live for the drama. chris should really leave this woman alone for real.

  • Annie Davis says:

    Karreuche i am sure knew about this. This woman love to create drama. she was trying to be the first to say she dropped Chris. I wish he would leave this woman alone. She alway have a plan and this time it is to get chris to marry her. Karreuche know that she do not have no career in nothing. She made her owned drama all the time to be notice.I just read a blog from 2004 thatr Chrios said that he did not wont any kids by Karreuche so what changed?