On Thursday, March 4, 2015, Ellen Tracy celebrated 65 years of the brand at The Skylark in New York City while also highlighting Paula Patton as the new face of the brand.

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Walking onto the scene, the ambience was very relaxed and sophisticated. The event space featured dim lighting and highly infectious dance music. Most of the men were dressed in well-tailored suits, which featured, mostly black and navy blue while most of the women opted for stylish black dresses including Paula Patton herself.

As guests mingled with each other, they were able to indulge in some of the refreshments, which included white wine, red wine and a variety of finger foods. Aside from mingling and enjoying the pleasures of the refreshments, guests were able to view and admire Ellen Tracy’s spring collection digitally. Photos of the collection were displayed on the huge TV screens, and multiple ipads. The collection portrays a very polychromatic and effortless look; mostly dresses. Some of them incorporated floral prints and the others just made use of colors like green, pink, black and white.


Later on in the evening, Paula Patton made an appearance. She was dressed in a short gorgeous black Ellen Tracy dress. Her make up was very natural and she was all smiles. She was very lovely with all the guests as she spoke about Ellen Tracy and being a part of the 65-year brand. A cake was brought out for her to blow out the candles and after that, she introduced the première of her documentary titled, “Women Hyphenated” which all of the guests were allowed to view. The documentary focused on modern and, multi ethnic women in today’s world. The brief black and white, non-fictional visual featured a series of women of all races including Paula Patton discussing the importance of being accomplished and being free to be whoever you want to be in today’s world regardless of the obstacles that might be faced. It was stellar.