Chris Brown is pretty fed up with getting trolled

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Chris Brown spent the entire Fan Of A Fan: The Album press run celebrating the fact that he had no truly controversial headlines circulating the media, and joking that Tyga was the one under the fire. Well, that was pretty short-lived, considering earlier this week, TMZ broke a story claiming that Chris Brown fathered a 9-month old daughter with a 31-year old model named Nia, who is reportedly a friend of Karrueche‘s, his on-and-off girlfriend.

Naturally, Chris Brown has been getting trolled non-stop on all social media platforms–as has Karrueche–and last night he’d finally had enough. Baller Alert caught this snapshot of Chris Brown dropping a profane line in his mentions about everybody that’s wasting their time away tossing insults at him every chance they get.


chris brown ig

He still has yet to comment on the issues circulating he and Ms. Tran, but as transparent as the “New Flame” singer is where the media’s concerned, we aren’t far from that happening.