In a fashionable clash of New York City titans, PONY and DKNY took to The Standard Hotel on the highline to reveal their new collaboration.

Upon walking in, the energy of the party reflected the shoe that was on display. The champagne bottles popping, the DJ’s club vibe, and the red carpet set up completed the experience. The shoe was neither PONY nor DKNY – a true collaboration. A hightop in all white, the key lies with the textures. The perforated tongue and profile break the pure white landscape, while the layering of leather panels incorporate depth into the design. The aesthetics of both brands brought forward the trendy street look of DKNY’s current shoe collection, and the fashionably functional tradition of PONY. This reimagining of PONY’s 1988 M-100 sneaker, hits stores March 7. The sneaker is unisex.

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