Madge is teaming up with Drizzy and Yeezus.  We can only imagine what this slayage will sound like.  

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Madonna will be featured on Kanye West‘s forthcoming So Help Me God album, Complex reports. West also contributed to her Rebel Heart record. In a recent interview with Complex, Madonna detailed her music relationship with Kanye, and revealed that she’s also planning to work with Drake.

“We worked together two albums ago,” Madonna says of her collaborations with ‘Ye. “He worked on a track that Pharrell produced.”


She also explained that her conversation with Kanye at a party led to the two working on her thirteenth studio album. West wanted to listen and be a part of it, but was only able to contribute to a handful of songs because he was working on so many other things.

“He forgot that he had to do 20 other projects,” Madonna says. “So, he ended up only working on four songs. Then, we wrote another song together which is going to be on his record.” When asked about the Drake track that bears her name, “Madonna,” the material girl says that the song is the “best on the record.”

“I’ve heard the whole mixtape and ‘Madonna’ is the best,” she says. “Ask other people. I’m not the only one who thinks that. Even Drake thinks that.” When asked was she planning on working with Drake soon, she replied, “Yeah baby.  It’s in the pipeline.”


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)