Troy Ave sounds off on Fiddy.

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Recently Troy Ave sat down with Angie Martinez to discuss his personal and business ventures. When asked about 50 Cent, Troy had a lot to say, which wasn’t surprising at all.

“50 my guy,” Troy Ave says in the interview. “50 and me had a talk at the Chris Brown show. I hollered at him, pulled him to the side. He told me where the energy came from initially or whatever and we just chopped it up from there… 50 Cent was my favorite rapper. That’s the reason I’m rapping. He showed me you can come from the streets and put your own mixtapes and come up. No matter what type of shaky thing or whatever, that don’t omit what happened. It’s so ill. I got a dope check. He put my song in Power.


He also speaks about the fact that he has recently became a father.

“I just had a baby on February 23,” Troy Ave says. “Album just dropped. You gotta set it up with a boy. I’m named after my grandfather, so I’m the third, Roland Collins the Third. So my boy is the Fourth. He got a bunch of Adidas stuff. I’m trying to get him a little Rolex. He’s gonna wear it to kindergarten graduation.”

He continues on to speak about his album.

“I got like two tours coming up,” Troy Ave says. “Major Without A Deal, it’s going to be the best album to come out of New York since New York City: The Album. And I’m keeping my money-back guarantee. I always keep my word. There was one time that I had to do it. You can’t doubt Troy Ave, or count me out.”

We are glad to see that this beef is over; now back to the good music!

-Bri Christian (@brirezy)