Chris Brown is headed for family court, where his baby mama is now in danger of raking in a lot less in child support because of her big mouth reported TMZ last night. Sources say Chris didn’t know he was the father of 9-month-old Royalty until last month, when Nia Guzman dropped the news. Chris then proceeded to quickly made a deal with her where he would pay monthly child support.

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Chris is forking out a lot more money than he would be required to pay if a judge ordered formal child support. There’s a rough base on how much a parent should be paying in child support based largely on income. Chris upped that amount and in turns demanded that Nia keep her mouth shut about the child.

Now, Chris seems to believe that Nia has leaked the fact that he is a father and talking about their relationship. Because she decided to open up, Chris’s lawyers are now preparing legal docs, in which he will ask a judge for an order requiring him to pay child support. It sounds strange, but he’ll pay less than he does now.


I guess she will be loosing her coins now since she came out with the fact that they have a child. It’s funny to see how this will play out. If you were getting A LOT more than you should be in the beginning, wouldn’t it be a smarter decision to just shut up? Now Chris is coming for her because not only does he have to repair this chaos BUT he also lost his girl. well damn..


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)

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  • First of all Chris Brown kept this secret and did not tell anyone about it he had no right to cheat on karrueche so he should not have done what he did second of all that woman has also no business fucking with Chris Brown it is her fault as well if she is married why cheat on your husband and get pregnant by Chris that is just wrong and disrespectful to her husband you can’t do shit like that so nia and Chris Brown are both at fault nothing they can do now but deal with the consequences you made your bed now you have to lie in it and kudos to karrueche for leaving Chris Brown she does not need to be around someone like that he is not the right guy for her and never was she will be alright she can do better than him and focus on her career