Another family is mourning the death of their son by the hands of police. 19 year old Tony Robinson was shot and killed by a Madison police officer Friday night after an altercation.

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According to the Daily Cardinal, the police officer whose name has not been released was called to an apartment after getting  call about a disturbance. After trying to force his way into the apartment, the officer was allegedly assaulted and fired his revolver. It’s unclear if Robinson had a weapon, but there are reports claiming that he was unarmed. After shooting the teen, the officer performed CPR but Robinson died later at the hospital. The family of Robinson say that they were not allowed to see the body of Robinson because he was considered “evidence”.

Robinson graduated high school in 2014 and lived in a suburb 13 miles from Madison. He was set to begin taking business courses at Madison Area Technical College.  After the killing, protesters flocked to the streets and began shouting that the murder was unjustified. Protesters began the Black Lives Movement, a movement that was created after the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael  Brown in the summer of 2014.


After the protests began, two were arrested which caused protesters to march down to Madison City County Building and knocked on locked doors for the release of protesters. The arrested protesters were released at 1:30AM Saturday morning. Other protesters began sit-ins at Madison City Hall.

When will it end?

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  • Observations99 says:

    Given that Tony is on 3 years supervision for armed robbery and that his case is connected to three other multiple felony cases involving his associates; I’d say that his predisposition to violent criminality is what led him to this point.