Ahhhhhh, The H.  The home of candy paint, gold grills, and the well recognized screwed and chopped music sound.  By giving birth to Beyonce, Bun B, Michael Strahan, the late Patrick Swayze, and a host of other athletes and entertainers, Houston is firmly established as a talent hotbed.  On the other hand, with such a bountiful spread of individuals who have made overwhelming contributions in their respective fields and bring relevance to the city, it’s mind-boggling that the city does not garner the same respect of the bright lights of New York, Miami’s heat and iconic beach lifestyle, and the scenic views that come along with Los Angeles’ perfect weather.  Nevertheless, Houston plays the role of underdog without any mind and keeps its head up high.  Boasting Texas’ largest mall and the eighth largest mall in the United States, The Galleria, any sane person will understand that Houston is a heavyweight in its own right.

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Whether you’re pulling off of the I-10, I-610, or I-45, the distinct nature of Houston’s culture slaps you in the face as soon as the city limits are entered.  With the Texas Flag waving atop many buildings, along with the 24-hour Chachos Mexican grill on the side of the road that will satisfy any late night hunger pain, any visitor understands that they are in a new world.  Also, with three major sports teams, professional action is easy to come by.  Pick your poison: You can either (A) go see a Rockets game and catch James Harden drop somebody to the floor with a sick crossover and splash a three-pointer in his defenders face, or (B) grab a seat at a Texans game to see J.J. Watt tally up sacks, fumbles, interceptions, and touchdowns on both sides of the ball.  It’s a win-win either way.  Also, with the Astros in town satisfying those who enjoy a homerun or diving catch, any sporting fan is sure to find a good ballgame.

For those arts and culture enthusiasts, exquisite human feats can be found at the Museum of Fine Arts is a must see if you can carve out the time for it.  Within the cities Museum District lies a pristine campus that offers two buildings for gallery exhibitions, two house museums, a library, sculpture garden, along with other attractions to captivate and inspire museum- goers.  Exhibitions including “Eye on Houston: High School Documentary Photography,” “Arts of Islamic Lands: Selections from The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait,” and a variety of artistic items from the museums Modern and Contemporary Art collection are all on display to quench any creative palate or thirst for out of the box thinking.


After building up an appetite, throwing down is next right?  Once you park up in the Breakfast Klub’s gravel lot off of Travis Street, you may say to yourself, “I don’t know about this place to eat”. But after you get past the waitresses handing out menus at the entrance, the aroma of crispy fried chicken and waffles raises your eyebrows and brings immediate life to Houston’s 4th Ward.  If you choose that option, once your teeth sink into the meal, it will be instantly recognized that this is a C&W combo that can be argued as the best.  But honestly, you cannot go wrong with the menu.  With pork chops & eggs, the Klub’s own version of green eggs and ham, along with mouth-watering daily specials, it is near impossible to choose a meal that isn’t a winner.  If considering a mid-day spot to catch brunch, please be sure to make the Breakfast Klub a pit stop of yours.

On the other hand, Benjy’s gives the Breakfast Klub a run for its money when it comes to the grub.  Serving brunch, lunch, and dinner, this is a Houston staple that can be frequented at nearly any time of the day.  It also adds the element of a lounge that gives the environment a transitional and laid back feel that everyone seeks after having a decent meal.  Whether you’re looking to impress a hot date, or somewhere to get good eats with your friends, Benjy’s will not disappoint.

If a nightclub is on the Thursday night agenda, 5th Amendment should definitely be in the mix.  With the DJ bumping H-towns finest, Hip-Hop and R&B, and everyone looking their best, an excellent weekday night is pretty much a guarantee once you step through the velvet ropes.  If you can catch the food truck in front after partying into the AM, that will be the cherry on top of any evening outing that can turn a late night craving into the instant itis.

Should the night continue into the wee hours of the morning, V Live is likely your best bet to catch a face from the big screen in person.  With the likes of Rihanna and Drake being spotted there, this gentleman’s club provides a two-level venue that has plenty of entertainment, money floating through the air, and vixens that look like they walked out of the gates of music video heaven. Toronto’s head man has even been name dropping the popular nightspot by spittin “I treat V Live like it’s 07’ in Magic City” on “10 Bands” and “V Live, I order that Alfredo pasta then eat in the kitchen like I’m in the mafia” on “No Tellin”, both of which are from his latest project “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late.”  These shout outs surely give the club a gold star since an international powerhouse feels the need to bring their name to the forefront.  Not to mention, BYOB is the name of the game.  It can’t get any better than being your own bottle service at your own cost!  So if you are about putting your late-night game face on, understand that no excuses will be taken when stepping into the premier after-hours playground.

So if you’re ever in the H, be sure to make the best of your time.  If you don’t, you’ll definitely regret hearing the stories instead of being able to tell them.


– Clinton Jackson