Malcolm Goodwin can next be seen as the second lead in the new CW one hour drama iZombie, based on DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint comic of the same name.

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The show centers on ‘Olivia “Liv” Moore,’ an ex-medical student-turned-zombie working at a coroner’s office, “surviving” off of the brains of the deceased John and Jane Does, causing a panic within the city as dead bodies are mysteriously showing up with missing brains. Enter Detective Clive Babineaux (played by Malcolm), who is assigned to the case and, unwittingly, ends up seeking Liv’s help for several of the deceased unsolved murders. The show is scheduled to premiere March 17, 2015.

Can you talk about your new series iZombie?


iZombie is basically based off of a comic book , and it’s about a pre-med student named Liv who’s a functioning zombie but in order to maintain those human qualities – she can speak talk and feel – she has to eat human brain. She gets access to the brains of dead people.

Can you tell us about your character?

I play detective Clive Babineaux  and he’s a working homicide detective trying to solve his first case. When Liv eats these brains one of the effects is that she inherits their memories specifically moments that led up to their demise so these visions and these memories that she has are passed off as  psychic powers. My character believes she’s a  psychic, I have no idea that she’s a zombie.

Why should fans go see it?

If you’re a fan of Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, comedy and action , it’ll be a fun show to watch.

You also have another project coming out with Liam Neeson called Run all Night, can you tell us about your character?

I play a police officer and my character is the friend of Liam’s character until a situation happens where he kills the son of this mob boss and now he’s sending everyone out to kill Liam Neeson. So you get to see whether or not I turn against him or not. It’s super action packed.

What was it like working along side Liam Neeson?

It was fun. We had some long days, just so much to do and so much to cover, some very intense shooting days, and just watching him focus, I learned a lot from him. He does those stunts at his age and I’m just like when I’m at that age I want to be able to still do those things too.

Not only do you act but you also produce and direct. Can you tell us a little bit about the creative process in making your independent films?

Yea it started when I was at SUNY Purchase College Acting Conservatory, I did a lot of work behind the camera as well and I would find a project to get into because I wanted to know how things worked behind the camera and that span of time before going back to five or six years after high school, working at Liberty Post productions which is the oldest production house in New York City but it was hands on and I learned from this group of filmmakers at NYU and they taught me everything  from line producing to mixing sound.

What would you like people to take from your work?

As an actor the diversity in the characters and I do consider myself a character actor for example the character is a bad guy the bad guys will be very different bad guys  but you know it’s tough in this business to really show your range in television. You get stuck kind of playing the same roles and people like to see you play the same roles,  they kind of relate to that so you got to go with it to have other opportunities become available for you to show you’re range. I feel the same way as a director and a producer, I want to be able to excel in all genres.