Don’t think that you have to be based in a major city to make major ripples in the entertainment groove that impacts the world.

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Meet Alexandria Washington; better known in the industry as AllyThe Pub. A Little Rock, Arkansas native by way of Jacksonville, AR and Las Vegas, Nevada (she’s a military brat) Pub is an on air personality on KZTS STREETZ 101.1 FM in Arkansas. She’s also a MONSTER and Dr. Miracle brand ambassador.

The entertainment industry is one that requires a person to possess drive and dedication. To be truly successful while working in the field, one has to push in making dreams a reality. Ally The Pub has transitioned out of simply just being a publicist. As a matter of fact, she’s used her booming personality to delve into television and radio. “People can sense your spirit,” said Ally The Pub.


“That’s something my parents and pastors have taught me all my life. When you’re true to yourself unapologetically it reflects in your brand and your message.”

In a generation that is unafraid to take risks, Washington is a testament to taking smart and calculated risks even in the shadows of adversity. College was that obstacle that stood in her way. Although she did graduate from University of Alabama in Public Relations, Pub did not always give it her all in the classroom! She wasn’t always the polished young lady that you see today.

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She wasn’t showing up to class, was not studying and she cared more about the social aspect of school rather than what she was there for, which was to learn. As a result, she draws her inspiration from knowing there was a time that she struggled in school with her grades and knowing what it took yo turn things around. “There was a time I wasn’t making the grades to get internships,” Ally The Pub told The Source.

“There was a time I was operating off 3-5 hours of sleep because I was enrolled in 21+ hours in one semester with an unpaid internship because I wanted to play my freshman year.”

Since her struggles, homegirl has been on fire! Even though she had struggles to get good grades in the classroom, can ya believe that she turned her gift of gab and public relation skills into a lucrative career all before graduating college? The young lady held  positions with Fortune 500 companies like ALLTEL, CBS Corporation, Microsoft and Viacom.

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With her early experience it helped her to work amongst some of the best in the industry and landing clients like VH1’s DJ BabeyDrew and Tiffany Maiyon and Grammy-nominated Carolyn Malachi of TMG.

Then there was that time she connected with former U.S. president Bill Clinton, also an Arkansas native, by the way! While working the Rock The Vote campaign in Arkansas, she and President Clinton had a chance meeting after he finished speaking.

Ally The Pub told SheBlogs:

After he finished speaking, I don’t know what was on my mind, but I asked one of the secret service guys to give me permission to take a picture with him. They asked my name and I responded “Alexandria Washington but they call me Ally the Pub.” I’m not sure what took over them but they actually let me through. While posing for the picture together, Mr.Clinton looked at my shirt and said “Hey, I have that shirt. I gave him a little more info on the Rock Ar Vote campaign and he actually asked if my team and I wanted to follow him up to Pine Bluff. I can  remember jumping in the car and driving 120 mph to keep up with his car. Needless to say, we ended up right behind President Clinton’s limo! I interviewed him that afternoon.

Students, young professionals and anyone interested in wanting to be in the entertainment business should surely keep an eye out for Ally The Pub.

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  • Langston says:

    Like I mentioned before, it’s good to have known you Pub, but your time here in Arkansas will be short lived. Congratulations on all of your success, just remember the little people when you’re sitting up on your thrown. Yay!