Colin Kaepernick’s days in San Francisco could be numbered.

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The current NFL offseason has been one for the books. Whether it is blockbuster trades, key signings, teams parting with veterans and more, football fans have had more than enough to be on the edge of their seats. Today, some major news is coming out of San Francisco, as it is being reported that superstar quarterback Colin Kaepernick might be getting shipped out of town. The 4 year veteran had arguably his worst statistical season in 2014 since becoming the starter and the 49ers, who were perennial contenders, failed to even make the playoffs.

During a recent interview 49ers general manager Trent Baalke vehemently denied that Kaepernick was on the trading block. He went on to say that Colin is the teams quarterback and any statement to the contrary is “ridiculous”.


Clearly we live in a ridiculous world because today, Jayson Braddock of KBME radio in Houston has confirmed that San Francisco has indeed placed Kaepernick on the trade block. The Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears are the two teams who have put in their bid for the pro bowler.

There have been rumblings about locker room issues amongst the very talented San Francisco 49ers squad since the start of the 2014 season. Two years since appearing in the Super Bowl and also appearing in three consecutive NFC Championship games, it seems that the wheels have fallen off the bandwagon. Head coach John Harbaugh is now the head NCAA’s Michigan Wolverines, Frank Gore has signed with the Eagles, and now Colin Kaepernick might be packing his bags.

New York Jets better stop acting like they’re too proud to beg.@Rocko_CNK