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Bombay Sapphire made its presence at ScopeNYC with its 5th year of the artisan series, collaboration with Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation that showcases emerging artists.

Through an extensive selection process, one winner earns the solo exhibition in New York City. The winner this year was Kristine Mays, whose captivating wire sculptures deal with time, memory and emotions. We spoke with Kristine regarding the start of the idea. “In the process of experimenting with wire, I had a wish to capture a fleeting moment and the technique I made up as I went along, my thought was I needed something solid. Over the years it’s just progressed with more and more extreme forms of moment”. Upon entering the contest for the Bombay Sapphire, she submitted only one piece, despite having the potential for up to 5 pieces. The centerpiece series was ‘Pearls of My Experience’, which deals with hopefulness especially in the context of civil rights by Kristine’s made of wire. There’s a palpable sense of life there, but tragically, the lack of human forms reveals the grim reality. Above all, it’s wonderfully tasteful and furthers the discussion of hope and positively building on a legacy. In June, Mays will also be revealing a large-scale mural in the Bay Area, where she is from, as the final component of her Bombay Sapphire experience.