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Look in the sky it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a 6’3 187 pound monster gliding though the air traveling at the speed of light to destroy defenders at the rim. A creature that makes the basketball court his domain. He causes havoc with every dribble of the ball — twisting and turning around defenders, making them look invisible to the naked eye. Who is this beast that makes your heart pump, hands shake, and mouths drop? The answer is Russell Westbrook: the most unstoppable player in the NBA right now.


From February 1st up until right now Westbrook has captured some impressive accolades, including his All-Star MVP to his constant SportsCenter highlights. But over the last two weeks he has proven to just be unstoppable. Last night was Westbrook’s 5th triple-double out of the last 6 games, and he missed one against the Bulls by  2 rebounds and 3 assists. He now leads the league in triple-doubles with 7, the next closest is James Harden with 4 and has flat out dominated the game for a month. But Westbrook’s play has far surpassed his number. According to Royce Young of ESPN it is, “Westbrook’s relentless spirit has become his trademark, but with a more centered demeanor and comfort in leadership, he’s now transferring that to teammates.” It is not simply the fact the Westbrook wants to win the basketball game, but he was take your soul while he is doing it.

With Westbrook playing like he is from Space Jam‘s Goon Squad, there is still a major question: can this continue with Kevin Durant. The guy did win MVP just last year, and has averaged 26 points in his limited playing time this season. The Thunder seemingly have every piece in place to win an NBA championship but they have 2 big question marks. One: can Scott Brooke’s learn how to run plays? Two: can Westbrook and Durant play together at Westbrook’s pace.

Only time will tell…

KingJut (@KingJut92)