Drake is on a roll. Just last week superstar Madonna mentioned and praised the Toronto rapper for his song “Madonna” on the If Your Reading This It’s Too Late. Now another star has thanked Drake for another shout-out on the album.

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Food Network star Guy Fieri was mentioned on “6 Man,” which appears at #12 on the project. “Fieri, I’m in the kitchen, I’m a magician,” Drake raps. First We Feast caught up with Guy Fieri recently to catch his reaction on the the verse.

“It was a total surprise,” Fieri says. “I’m still getting a big grin out of that one. Drake’s an awesome guy. I love his music and energy.” In addition, Fieri says that Drake has “skills” when it comes to the kitchen, adding that he has an “appreciation” for good food.


My nephew and son are down with contemporary culture, and one of them sent me a message that said, ‘Did you know about this?’ That was the morning it came out; and then Drake posted about it. It all got to me in a flurry. But how great? Because the guy has got skills in the kitchen, he really does.”

Awww, well looks like not everyone like Chris Brown and Tyga hate Drake. He is beginning to grow really great relationships based on mentions in his songs. Apparently, you haven’t made it until Drake mentions you in a song. So Drake, can I get a mention or nah?

-Bri Christian (@brirezy)

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