Here’s What You Need To Know About The Supreme x New York Yankees x ’47 Brand Collection

Who’s smarter: Supreme, The New York Yankees, or ’47 Brand?

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Trick question. The answer: all of the above. In case you can’t tell, this collaboration is here to flood the Street-Wear block, your Instagram timeline, and Yankee Stadium at the same time.


Once this collection was revealed, the blogosphere went nothing short of crazy, which isn’t really surprising considering the quality of the collection. For example: when the first images of both the navy blue and red lambskin leather varsity jacket with satin lining dropped earlier this year, it was apparent that quality would not be sacrificed.

What wasn’t apparent (at first glance) was the wide array of colors. In addition to the leather varsity jackets, the collection will feature a hooded coaches jacket, hooded sweatshirt, mesh baseball jersey, 5-panel hat, crusher, and a box logo tee featuring the “iconic” New York Yankees logo.

All but the baseball jerseys, box logo t-shirts, and crusher hats will hit the online store as well as the New York, Los Angeles, and London locations on March 12, and Supreme Japan on March 14. What doesn’t drop then will release mid June.

Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)

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