Tv producer and Co-creator of The Simpsons Sam Simon died yesterday at the age of 59.

Sam Simon was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 2012. His career began in the 70’s with the sitcom Taxi.  After Taxi Simon went on to work on Cheers, It’s Garry Shandling’s show, and The Tracey Ullman show.

He went on to to co-create the animated series The Simpson‘s with Matt Groening and James L.Brooks for Fox in 1989.  He was the executive producer and show runner for The Simpson’s first two seasons.

Simon split with Groening and Brooks, and left the show in 1993. He struck a deal where he was able to remain listed as a producer, which earned him millions.

Simon was a humanitarian, and with the fortune Simon received from The Simpsons he was able to support animal rights organizations, and was a board member of PETA.  He contributed so much to the organization that the  Virginia Headquarters of PETA was named The Simon Center after Simon.

-Victoria B. (@unabashedlytori)