In a tragic accident during a routine training mission on Wednesday by the Army, a Blackhawk helicopter crashed off of the coast of Navarre, Florida.

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The Louisiana National Guard released information that that two bodies have been recovered from the crash site, but that more remain inside the wreckage.  Divers found the Black Hawk helicopter that crashed amid dense fog during a Florida training mission, killing 11 soldiers.  Bad weather that has remained well into Thursday prevented the recovery of the flight recorder from wreckage that sits 25 feet deep under the water.

The helicopter that crashed had a veteran crew from Hammond, Louisiana, which had served multiple tours in Iraq and helped humanitarian missions after the Gulf Coast hurricanes and the BP oil spill, according to the Associated Press.


One of the recovered bodies was of Kerry Kemp, a Marine based out of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.  His wife Jenna Kemp, was notified overnight that her husband’s remains had been found. Kerry’s sister in law, speaking on the family’s behalf, said Kemp was a “proud Marine, a loving husband and most wonderful father, with a child about 1 year old.”

The other recovered victim was Marcus Bawol, a 27 year old from Warren, Michigan.  His sister was notified overnight by the military as well, and said Bawol “loved everything about the military.”

The military is not yet releasing any details about those killed, or about the crash cause, which happened Tuesday night in weather conditions so deteriorated that one of the two Blackhawks in training had to turn back.

A thorough investigation has been promised by President Barack Obama.


-Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)