The City of Brotherly Love will be the new home to the current NFL rushing champion

The skepticism and rumor milling about DeMarco Murray has finally came to a abrupt end. After rumors of him planning to visit Indianapolis, an eye popping offer from the Oakland Raiders and a billboard push to attract the star back by the Jacksonville Jaguars, Murray has decided to take his hard nose running style to another team that’s in the NFC East. DeMarco and the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to a 5 year, $42 million dollar deal with $21 million dollars guaranteed. The league’s leading rusher decided to go with Philly because he was looking for more money to come his way after a MVP like season he had for Dallas. Murray had his eyes set on a contract deal where he will be receiving at least $6-8 million a year. The Cowboys weren’t willing to give that much guaranteed money to Murray, a factor that played a huge role in the two time Pro Bowl selectee’s decision to “Primetime” high step his way out of the Lone Star state. Oakland offer a huge deal to Murray but Philly was able to put a lucrative deal together to land him, making them a tougher playoff contending threat to look out for in the same division as Dallas.



After word got out, DeMarco’s former teammates Tony Romo expressed his hurt of losing a close friend and teammate to reporter Evan Grant while Dez Bryant took to Twitter to congratulate him on his decision and new deal.



Along with the signing of talented former Chargers running back Ryan Mathews, the Eagles have hit jackpot in this super duper random free agency period of the off season. Philly will be getting a running back who just had the season of his career. DeMarco made history by breaking Jim Brown‘s 1958 NFL rushing record by starting off the season with 8 straight games with at least 100 yard games rushed to start a season. Despite breaking his hand in week 15, Murray was able to finish the season strong by rushing for 1,845 yards, good to become the league’s top rusher while breaking Emmitt Smith‘s single season franchise record which was previously 1,773 yards. The breakout star from Las Vegas had made such a impact that along with being named to another Pro Bowl, he was amongst the top vote getters for regular season MVP.

With the new acquisition of Murray bringing his elusive pound game to Philly, Eagles coach Chip Kelly has been taking URL battle rapper K-Shine approach in zipping up all the haters who been scratch their heads pondering the offseason moves Kelly has been making for Philly. After the sudden trade of LaSean McCoy and letting go quarterback Nick Foles, Chip has been able to slowly prove his critics that he has a system in which he is willing to prove that it will work as soon as he gets the right personnel for it. By Chip reuniting Sam Bradford with his college football teammate DeMarco Murray (Oklahoma University), it introduces a combination that all teams in the NFC East should have to worry about. These two outstanding athletes may be the perfect fit for Kelly to run his trademark, fast paced spread offense that had defenses praying they had Bobby Boucher on their sidelines to fetch them some water. Now, the real question is will these two superstars put the Eagles amongst the league’s elite in a highly competitive division where you can’t afford to take any days off? Only time will tell but so far, the former Oregon head coach has slowly proving football critics that sometimes……..change is good.

Omari White

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