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The young buck stars in the passion-driven commercial

It’s no news that the Milwaukee Bucks endured a setback (well a couple) after their star rookie took a tumble early this season in an ACL tear. The No. 2 pick was set to help turn around a devastating Bucks franchise that was heading for complete turmoil but due to his injury just 25 games in, he was sidelined for the year.

Helping tell his story and journey back to complete stardom, Gatorade has released an ad aimed to show the greatness inside of the young swingman and his road to recovery. In the commercial, you can find Jabari Parker doing his off-season/rehab workouts at his old stopping grounds Simeon High School in Chicago and flashes of his playing days at Duke (go Terps!).  Watch the video above


Good to see the former Duke standout is getting back on the right track, but Drew is rooting for the Terps! Talk college ball with him @AndrewSomuah