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The internet is buzzing this morning after the release of a video of teenage girls beating up a 15 year old girl in a Brooklyn McDonald’s. And while the fight happened, nobody tried to break it up and save the teen.

According to sources, the teen  and her attackers who  are believed to be in a vicious crew called, Young Savages from Crown Heights were going to straighten out their differences in the restaurant. In the video that was shot during the fight, the teen from Erasmus Hall High School threw the first punch which led to the fight. As the fight grows, many other teenage girls jump in and begin punching, kicking and slapping the girl. But the teen doesn’t back down and fights her attackers even stripping one of her hoodie.


As the teen is being beaten, nobody tries to break up the fight. One onlooker is heard saying, “She is dead, It’s a murder.” Some people can be heard cheering on the vicious attack. After the fight, the teen was hospitalized Monday night for two black eyes and multiple bruises. The teen had to be rushed to SUNY Downstate Medical Center Wednesday night after collapsing in her home.

The police are having a hard time identifying the teens because nobody wants to come forward and reveal who they are. The victim and her mother do not want to cooperate with authorities. Wednesday night, activist Tony Herbert spoke for the teen to not be afraid and help the authorities to bring the names of those who attacked her.

“We are asking that young lady to not be afraid.” said Herbert. Herbert also sent a message to the teens in the video,

“We have pictures. We have video of all these individuals. So save the taxpayers money and bring yourself forward.”

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

UPDATE: According to this New York Daily News report, the victim, 15-year old Ariana Taylor, took to her Facebook account yesterday to brag about her newfound fame. She was met with rousing support from some, but sympathy and disappointment from others, who attempted to make it clear to the Brooklyn teenager that the reason she’s been in headlines nationwide is a regrettable one.


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  • kim says:

    this is just a sad situation and he’s grown ass people there that would not stop that fight I wish I was there cuz I would have stopped it makes no sense to me

    • Carla says:

      I totally agree with you. Those grown ass people should have stood up, but that’s okay, because what goes around comes around.

    • Drew says:

      The victim was a SNITCH she’s wasn’t getting jumped her friend left her their at the scene .the victim is a bad person and Aniah is just greeving on her close friend that died she lucky that they just jumped her

  • kim says:

    make no sense to me that young ladies out here fighting like this and if I would have been there I would have stopped it and called 911 .it’s sad when it takes five girls to jump on one thats sad

  • scallywag says:

    What preempted such violence in the first place? What is it about the culture at large that glorifies such behavior and strangely tells even victims to keep their mouths shut? Or is this specific to a particular demographic and if so how did it escalate to such levels? Or is this just about a very mentally ill/sociopathic young woman who doesn’t respect boundaries?

  • that’s a shame that those animals had too jump that girl like that. I don’t believe in violence. I hope that she humble hervsrkf too come forward.

  • nene says:

    Are we sure this wasn’t a gang get n someone in?? If not even karma comes for everyone

  • releast says:

    You tryna be racist mayne??? Gimmie yo address let’s sort dis out!!! Nigga!!!!!!

  • Kimberly says:

    It’s sad that they stood around and did nothing and sadder that she is happy about the shares and so called fame

  • Crystal B says:

    Her 15 minutes will be up when the next story hits about another teen gets jumped.

  • Gidget Hrobowski says:

    I guess no one got the fact that the victim not only threw the first punch, but is bragging about the events on facebook, which makes her just as ignorant as the gang of girl thugs!!!

    • vegazvannah says:

      i agree @gidget hrobowski

    • Key says:

      Gidget Hrobowski She s isn’t throw the 1st punch she defended herself when the other young lady did. And yes it’s sad that she is on Facebook glorifying what happened to her as part of her new fame. This is also a child who mind set isn’t like an adults. For her this is all the fame she’ll ever get. Her parents isn’t teaching her different or monitoring her facebook. She needs to be taught different to do different that also comes from the society we live in and parenting.

  • Melanie Draughon says:

    Well the article says that the teen and her attackers are believed to be in a gang. Maybe that was her initiation, which to me is ridiculous. Here I am feeling bad for her and she’s on Facebook bragging, and won’t give up names? What is wrong with today’s society? She’s just as sick as them. But if I were there I would have tried to break it up, or I would have called 911. Its sad when people would rather video, than help

  • Gregory Surface says:

    I watched this video on YOUTUBE and found myself in a simalar situation a couple of time. These seven girl that call themselves “Young Savages” are complete COWARDS. 7 against 1. Come on. Even though this was extremely brutal it was impressive to see this lone 15 year old getting the best of one of the COWARDS (actually the biggest one) while the other 6 COWARDS where sucker punching from the back and sides. But of course this girl eventually gets nailed with 4 to 5 solid sucker punches and gets knocked out. Then here comes the ONE COWARD that was getting her ass handed to her, walks over and starts kicking this 15 year old in the face and head after she gets knocked out. I garantee those two cowards that where stomping her head after she was down are going to get some pay back.

  • Mark says:

    Thank feminism and other poisons in society for causing bystanders to be afraid of restraining little out of control girls from going crazy and hurting people. I would not have intervened because if the cops came, and I’m the only male in the fight, and nobody speaks up (which they DIDN’T) then the cops are going to arrest me first without a doubt, and I’ll be thrown in jail with scum that might kill or rape me. That’s why I wouldn’t help.

  • Bob White says:

    GMAFB, there are no parents watching. Get on a bus with these savages sometime.

  • Jacksurface says:

    When members of a Police State violate our Black & Brown Communities ; we then get the asses and the masses to the street and protest. When we violate and brutal each other then we turn a blind eye . Or better yet, turn into the same coward spectators who looked amused and stood by and did nothing.

  • This is EXACTLY why black people are LOOKED upon by other races as MONKEYS, and SAVAGES who can’t act right in public and deserve to be locked up. Smh, its sad that instead of uplifting our people we hate and envy so its taken upon themselves to commit such brutality and have the AUDACITY to try to flee or cover the their faces! What a sick world we live in.

  • Exsignature Enterprises says:

    It’s sad when one wants justice for a wrong done to them and can’t get assistance from those you once knew on the block or around the corner when you were there for them through thick and thin. Yet, they aren’t there for us when we need them to come forth. People have a habit of mining their business when it’s crucial for them to stand up and be counted. Instead, they run to hide their faces from the truth as it is.