KG’s trash talking game is one of the main reasons why NBA considers him one of the dirtiest players to lace up a pair of kicks.

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In competitive sports, there are going to be athletes who brings so much passion, desire and intensity to the game that they are willing to do whatever it takes to lead their squad to victory. Along with the intense play, there are trash talking, to whom many considers as unsportsmanlike but highly strategic. Few harsh words being loud mouthed to your opponent can definitely throw them off their edge and mentally be out of their game for good. In the NBA, veteran Kevin Garnett is the master of trash talking opponents so bad that they second guess why they even play basketball. If im lying, just ask Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams. Recently, Adams spoke to a reporter about some of the trash talking that goes on during NBA games. When asked who were the best trash-talkers, his answers were former OKC Thunder teammate Kendrick Perkins and the Big Ticket himself, Kevin Garnett.



As you may know, KG is an all out warrior on the court, sacrificing his body night after night to lead his teams to victory. As years gone by, the former NBA MVP develop a huge mean street in which his words sometimes did a lot of the blow throwing rather letting his game doing the talking. You need evidence?, just look at what happened to Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks. Many hoop fans remembered when KG who at the time was a Celtic made a reference to Melo regarding his wife, LaLa Vasquez. Garnett made a remark of how LaLa tastes like Honey Nut Cherrios, a comment that got Melo so ticked off that he went to go hunt down KG after the game and the two got into a physical altercation in which it made the police force get involved. The attack led to Anthony receiving a 1 game suspension while KG went on to be the talk of sports tabloids nationwide. With incidents like this, many people should question how far is taking it too far? Bringing up a man’s family is just crossing the line.With cruel and sadistic words coming out of a seasoned vet like KG, everything is no holds barred and whoever comes up on top can walk away to talk about it the next day. NBA hoopers better be mentally ready for the trash talk Chi-town’s own have enstored for them. KG is far from the one to hold his lips for anyone…definitely not your mother could be sitting courtside cheering on you as the game goes on.


Omari White

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