Lynch finds himself involved in a scuffle in the bay.

Over the past two NFL seasons, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has become a household name, with casual football fans being familiar with him. Albeit because of his standoff behavior with the media, seldom ever granting legitimate interviews to the press. This has made him somewhat of a target to pundits and some football fans, despite his dominate numbers throughout his career. His dreads and gold teeth may not help either.

Over the weekend, Lynch was visiting a San Francisco area bar with some friends when a drunken patron began hurling insults at the pro bowler. As ridiculous as it may sound, one of the jabs was “Seattle Sea Chicken!” Eventually one of Lynch’s associates became fed up and responded to the man which brought it to fisticuffs. A video of the incident surfaced online which shows Lynch attempting to break up the melee.

Marshawn Lynch haters are salivating right now.@Rocko_CNK