Will you be shelling out your hard-earned cash for Curren$y’s new album, which will be priced at $100?

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Curren$y took to Facebook earlier this week to announce that Pilot Talk 3 will only be available as a pre-order through his Jet Life website. The album, which will come bundled with a Jet Life shirt and Pilot Talk 3 look book, will come pre-loaded on a USB drive along with videos from the album.

While the album will be a USB-only affair, Curren$y hinted about offering a streaming of the record online around the time of release on Twitter.


Curren$y is following the same footsteps as another rapper who was successful at this album release idea. Earlier this year, Nipsey Hussle reportedly sold 60 copies of his latest album, Mailbox Money, at $1,000 each. Hussle’s latest release followed a previous rollout plan, in which he sold 1,000 copies of his album Crenshaw for a $100 in 2013. However, unlike Curren$y, who seems to only be offering his album online for streaming, Hussle offered both Mailbox Money and Crenshaw as free downloads, in addition to the high-priced #Proud2Pay campaign offerings.

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