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Jamie Foxx will team up with Martin Scorsese to play Mike Tyson in this new film

Actor Jamie Foxx recently told Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” that he is preparing for a new role where he will play the legendary fighter Mike Tyson.  Foxx confirmed that the rumored biopic was in fact happening.  Acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese will be directing.

Back in May 2014 Foxx spoke about this project:


After all of the roles you have played what would you like to do next?

Jamie: Well, you know what? I have a wish list. I want to do the Mike Tyson story. When I talk to Mike, who is a friend of mine and I say ‘Mike how you feeling?’  He says, ‘I’m great. How are you doing? All praises to allah my brother.’ I say, ‘Why you so great?’ He says, ‘Because I don’t have any money anymore … No one wants anything from me now.  When I had money, everyone always wanted something from me, I’m happy Jamie, I’m so sublime right now.’  I was like ‘Wow.’ So he would tell me great stories. Then he would tell me the heartbreak of every great story. So I think that would be great. While, Scorsese nor Paramount have confirmed this news yet but according to Foxx, this film is going to happen.


-Vinesh Vora