This week’s edition of Off The Wall features NYC all city king KEZ5

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There are ten and possibly hundreds of thousands of graf writers throughout the five boroughs, but there are only a select few who have made their mark on the city and continue to solidify their legacy as “all city writer” and one of those very few is none other that the evasive KEZ5.

One of the members of the world famous YKK(You Kant Kompete) Crew from NYC, KEZ is known for his tags and throwies in some of the most ridiculous heaven spots, as does the rest YKK, which includes JA ONE, SKUF, NAISHA, SY ONE and others. He reps other crews including XTC and AOB, however, he’s infamously known as a YKK cohort.


KEZ’s bombing isn’t limited to just the streets though. If you’re adventurous enough to peruse the tunnels on New York City’s MTA underground subway system, you will definitely find KEZ in the mix. Trucks, bridges, mailboxes, freight trains, are all fair game in KEZ5’s bombing excursions. He is still active and continues to crush the city to this day.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)