Nene Leakes appeared to want reconciliation with the ladies in the group, but when she is placed in the hot seat things seem to go completely left. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Here’s’s recap from Season 7 Episode 16!

1. Is Cynthia Bailey really a mean girl? As much as Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks talk about the dirt they know on Cynthia, you would think they were the mean girls. As many times as Phaedra and Porsha talked down to Kenya Moore after Apollo Nida spread lies about her.. I’m not sure if these two ladies have any right to put someone in the mean category.

2. Kandi Burruss is trying her best to save her marriage, but Todd Tucker doesn’t seem too interested in trying to figure out the issues based on his list of pros and cons. After going to therapy, the couple was given some homework to figure out the pros and cons in their relationship. Is it odd that it took Todd so much longer to figure out a pro about Kandi than a con?


3. Claudia Jordan looked absolutely stunning with her black hair and bob cut. Whoever beat her face is literally a God send! Yasssss Hunny!!!! A career in comedy though? Don’t know how serious this is, but we will surely keep an eye out for this. Comedian Luenell is hilarious. Even she has a THOT or two in her phone. Lol

4. Phaedra seemed a little fake when talking to Kandi about her feelings and emotions regarding their friendship. Despite whatever was said, Kandi clearly cares about what is going on and took the high road trying to work on her friendship with Phaedra one-on-one.

5. Dr. Jeff definitely has his hands full with this group of ladies. Nene going off on Dr. Jeff about him stating facts shows exactly the type of person she is. It seems like Nene hops on the defensive side when someone comes at her about her actions. Based on her last meeting with Dr. Jeff, she wasn’t the root of the problem so things were ok. For Nene to get up and walk out of the session that she pulled together just shows there is more to the problem than she is willing to tell.

Pointing out the wrong in others is ok, as long as you are willing and able to receive the same treatment when you are doing something wrong.
Do you think there is more to this saga between the ladies that Nene isn’t willing to tell?

Find out what happens next week between the ladies at 8pm on Bravo TV!

-Natalee J Langley (@_naturallynat)