Ten reasons we love the R&B beauty.

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In honor of Jhené’s birthday we here at thesource.com have put together a list of ten reasons why we love the pint-sized R&B princess; check them out below.

1. California Love. 
Jhené was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. What’s not to love about a girl who grew up with the ocean, sun and hit-makers right in her back yard?


2. She loves Tupac. 
Jhené became a fan of Tupac as she got older, but not just for his music. She loves his poetry and philosophies. One of his quotes she carries with her is:“I might not be the person that changes the world, but I might start the life in a person who does,” stating she wants to do the same–change the world–with her music and life.

3. She has an alter ego.
Just call her J. Hennessey.  Her female rap persona, “one of 12 personalities in my head,” as Jhené says, first made her debut on Sail Out.

4. Jhené is always fashionable. 
Whether its at the Grammy Awards or on stage with Drake, Jhené’s inconspicuous style always catches our eye.

5. She messes with her tresses.
Along with her keen eye for fashion, Jhené always has beautiful tresses that are worn straight or wavy depending on her mood.

6. Her daughter is as pretty as she is
Jhené and O’Ryan, the little brother of Omarion, have a daughter together. Jhené was 20 years old when she had their daughter Namiko Love; her name means “child of the wave.”  She was named after a book by Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.

7. Jhené comes from a musical family.
Jhené isn’t the only singer in her family; older siblings Miyoko and Jamila were in a girl group called Gyrl.

8. Jhene’s musical style hits our soul.
Aiko’s musical style is associated with a mix of indie pop, neo soul and R&B. Her voice so soft and sultry that when she sings, it sounds like gentle pops of love.

9. Ms. Aiko is multi talented.
Jhené’s writing style has been likened to more of a rapper’s than a singer’s. The singer, who admits she likes to be high while writing music, may thank her favorite artists for that, calling Tupac, Kid Cudi and Kendrick Lamar big inspirations.

10. She loves Hennessy.
Our final reason why we love Jhené:  Her favorite drink is Hen Dawg, and she’s probably celebrating with some right now!

Happy birthday, Jhené!