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Reddit user catches a woman going nuts pre-flight, and somewhat regretting it

There are a few things, especially post-9/11, that you just don’t do after boarding an airplane. Some of them aren’t even actions that speak directly to potential acts of violence or terrorism, but the idea is to stay away from any and everything that would make fellow passengers, the pilot, and flight attendants uneasy. As Drake would put it, “Shakiness man, I don’t have no time for that.” So yes, acts ranging from being hostile towards that sleeping beauty in front of you that keeps pushing her seat back and crushing your knees, to yelling out “Bomb!” as the plane taxis, are all on the Not A Good Idea list.

Someone should’ve told this lady, who clearly gave her f***s to give in her other pants. Two separate YouTube videos catch her engaging in an almost unbelievable set of antics. The first clip, which you can watch above, showcases her going off on President Obama, claiming that America has declared war on Venezuela, and deemed them a terrorist nation. The Reddit user was sure to point out that in a portion of the incident not caught on the cellphone footage, is the part where the woman claims that Obama “kills people on Tuesdays.”


The second clip–available for viewing below–is a clip of the same lady, post-rant, lighting a pre-flight cigarette–no biggie, right?–and trying to hide it, which barely makes sense. Did she really thinks she’d be able to hide a cloud of cigarette smoke? Especially considering the entire affair was being recorded.

Naturally, the woman was arrested.

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  • justin says:

    Typical American dictatorship apologist scum. Allowing Middle Eastern countries to nationalize our (Western owned) oil was one of the most ABJECT failures of American/British governments to fulfill their most basic duty: the protection of the lives of their citizens and their citizens’ property. Instead you have these assholes like Obama who think the primary purpose of the state is to give free shit to people. If it weren’t for the incredible unearned WEALTH these middle eastern states (if they can be called that) were BEQUEATHED with when the appropriate military action was not forthcoming in response to them nationalizing our oil, they would still be in the 7th century B.C. which is about the level of advancement what their philosophy of life on earth (Islam) allows for and where they belong, instead of threatening to blow us up and murder us. This woman is right. We need to move into Venezuela and take back Western property using ANY AMOUNT of force necessary. Nevermind the rights violations of those whom it was stolen from, allowing a dictator access to such wealth and thereby bolstering his freedom to carry out evil is BEYOND morally reprehensible x 100.