J.B. Smoove will guest star on this week’s live season premiere episode of TV Land’s The Soul Man.

J.B. Smoove will guest star as an adventurous Uber driver that Boyce (Cedric) calls in the middle of a snow storm and Vine Superstar, King Bach (Andrew Bachelor) will guest star as a weatherman that is reporting about a big storm. In the live season premiere, a snowstorm shuts down St. Louis, Boyce gets cooped up in the house with his family, including his annoying cousin Nikki (Sherri Shepherd) visiting from out of town. Boyce’s attempts to get Nikki back home just end up adding more and more guests to an already packed house.

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The Soul Man follows R&B super-star-turned minister Reverend Boyce (Cedric “The Entertainer”) “The Voice” Ballentine after he relocated from Las Vegas to St. Louis with his wife Lolli (Niecy Nash). While they’re always adjusting to their new modest life, they have plenty of obstacles in their way, including Boyce’s brother Stamps (Wesley Jonathan), who is still trying to figure life out and another pain in their neck Cousin Nikki (Shepherd) who comes for a friendly visit that turns extended.

Tune in on March 18 at 10:30 PM ET to watch it all unfold.




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  • big carl says:

    D@mmit JB, you’re letting the Goose COOK. Call Larry David. Tell him you’ll carry the load for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Tell him you have Season 9 mapped out. Use this for Free: The LOST EPISODES: Curb Your Enthusiasm.
    Run with it before it’s too late…..