An Air Force veteran is accused of trying to join one of the most wanted terrorists groups in the world.

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Tairod Pugh of Neptune, NJ has officially been accused of trying to join the terror group, ISIS.

Pugh was arrested in January at JFK after being kicked out of Egypt on suspicion of wanting to be a jihadist. Pugh, a Muslim, has been under the radar for quite some time after authorities were given a tip that Pugh wanted to join the terrorist group. Pugh appeared in Brooklyn Federal Court on Wednesday, and was indicted on 2 counts and pleaded not guilty.


Pugh, an airplane mechanic in the military, was traveling the middle east for 18 months looking for work, but according to sources, Pugh stopped in Turkey and tried to cross the border into Syria to become an ISIS fighter. While in court, Pugh had nothing to say about the charges, but could be looking to cut a deal with prosecutors.

If convicted, Pugh could face 35 years in prison.

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

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