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Some guy gets a little too close to Drizzy and pays the price

Drake did a one-off show in Dubai–his first time performing in the country–4 days ago, but he’s spending a little more time getting himself familiar with the Eastern nation, and his Instagram is enough proof that the “Know Yourself’ rapper is having quite the time.


Still, there are f***boys worldwide.

Saturday night, Drake, flanked by security, was exiting a Dubai nightclub when an unidentified individual reached out from the side of the path cleared for the rapper’s exit and, well, palmed Drake’s head. It was the most affectionate “assault” we’ve seen on a celebrity probably ever.

Hopefully, a brief caress of the Toronto native’s curls was worth the prompt take-down he experienced, by way of said security. Drake was visibly unhappy with what transpired, and he took a few deliberate moments to stare down the perpetrator before finally exiting the nightclub.