March Madness is here!

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Days away from the NCAA Tournamnet set to begin on Thursday, all eyes are on brackets and basketball courts.

Folks in the El Paso, Texas area are excited for the New Mexico State Aggies in the tournament.


The #15 seeded Aggies will face the #2 seeded Kansas Jayhawks on Friday.

Meghan Lopez, Fox 14/CBS 4’s weekend news anchor and multimedia reporter is very excited! For folks keeping score at home, she’ll be the first to tell ya that the Aggies have punched their ticket and are going to the NAACP tournament!!

Wait, what? The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Tournament?!

Check It Out: 

The clip made the station’s YouTube channel as a blooper, but it was genuinely an honest mistake! No word from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or anyone on how their brackets are doing! For the record, the hoops tournament is called the NCAA Tournament and stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Although the clip was beyong funny, on a serious note, Lopez has been a grinder at that station. A Colorado native out of the University of Hawaii, she has five years under her belt in the field. Keep up the good work!