Could the million dollar business man add a pop star turned rapper to the roster? He is not against the idea of it. 50 Cent interviewed with The Sun and said he would gladly sign Zayn Malik from One Direction to his imprint.

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“If Zayn wants a rap career, just because of who he is, he is going to sell records,” said 50. “But if he wants to be credible he has to be with the right people. I’d happily sign him up to my label, mentor him and have him working with the biggest rappers on the planet.”

“I have always wanted to work with Simon, so this could be a joint venture,” added 50.


According to reports, the British boy band member is working with producer Naughty Boy on a solo project. One Direction previously released the U.S. number one albums Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories, and Four via Simon Cowell’s Syco Music label.

-Bri Christian (@brirezy)

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  • Glyn Ruck says:

    Zayn needs to be extremely discerning who he signs with. This does not sound sensible to me. Why would someone with Zayn’s magic voice want to rap.