This edition of Hood Health 101 talks about being in tune with the Spring Equinox

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For the Winter Solstice, I wrote about the importance of being in tune with nature’s cycles. With Friday being the first day of spring, let me begin by saying Happy Spring Equinox! The Spring Equinox is a time for renewal and rebirth. It is the time to see the fruit of all of the planning and preparation that took place during the Winter Solstice. It is the beautiful ushering in of new energy and new cycles. This is a great time for introducing changes that matter into your life. It is also a good time to take a look at what you no longer want to move forward and get rid of it. During this time there are so many ways to celebrate what I call New Year’s Day.  Here are a few suggestions:



Bring New Energy Into You Home


Refreshing the energy in your home can give you that spark that you have been looking for. Begin by taking the time to thoroughly clean your home. You may also find it helpful to get rid of things that you no longer want, need, or are simply taking up space. Once you have removed what you no longer want within your space, begin to add items that motivate, inspire, and nurture the energy that you want to have present in your home. After your home has a new energy flow, clear your space of any lingering negative energy by smudging your home. You can purchase sage from health food stores or online. Burn sage in you home paying attention to corners and doorways with your windows open so that the space can be energetically cleaned.


Bring New Energy Into Your Relationships


Change is a natural part of life and should be embraced. Take a look at your relationships and determine what is lacking or missing from them that you feel you need. Bonds are created because each person has something to contribute that enriches both people mentally, emotionally, spiritually, economically, or physically.  Take a moment to really analyze if the all the parties within the bond are truly serving that particular bond’s purpose. If there is no reciprocity present, it may be time to bring new energy to the relationship or determine if it no longer serves the greater good of everyone. This is important for your growth. As much as it hurts to feel as though we’ve outgrown certain things, in truth, you should and that’s okay. You should be a different person than you were a year ago. Since there are 365 days in a year, we should all be doing things to help up elevate and grow all of those 365 days. The energy of change can be good if you embrace it.


There are so many things you can do to bring in the Spring Equinox that I couldn’t begin to suggest them all. I can recommend that the main focus of the energy should be or give way to creativity, creation, renewal, rebirth, or birth. During this time, do things that promote and nurture those energies for you and for others. Do what brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart because tapping into that energy will never lead you in the wrong direction. Don’t forget to drop by and show me love on Twitter @NakeashaJ and on Instagram @Melanated_Beauty

– Nakeasha Johnson (@NakeashaJ)